Superstar Box Lacrosse

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 Roy Colsey's Team 3 Players Club Course Outline:


AIQ: In our AIQ sessions, we use technology to track & develop Balance, Cognitive Processing, True Agility, Timing, Coordination and Game Speed. Our data provides our athletes with motivation and proof that they are improving each week.

Mixed Shooting: Greatest Hits- 45 Minutes of our favorite shooting drills.  As I tell my athletes, we are focused on Reps, not Steps.  Each session is designed to hit a variety of shots using both hands. This class is fun, but it's also physically demanding!

OTR Shooting: On-The-Run Shooting Class- The most critical part of an offensive player's development is learning the proper on-the-run shooting form in order to create accuracy and maximum velocity while attacking the goal. We will use part-to-whole drills designed to create fluidity and comfort while shooting on the run. 

Time & Room Shooting: AKA "The Step-Down Class"- Learning to aim and place your step-down shots using consistent form and technique.  We will practice shootingstep-down shots from all locations and finish with some radar gun shooting and analysis.

Dodging & WBM: Combining our dodging work with our with-ball-movement class allows us to rapidly develop fluid, athletic movement in our athletes as we rep out dodging footwork and fundmamentals alongside our with-ball-movement concepts.  Move like the athlete you are, with the stick in your hand!

Elite Skill & Transition Development: When push comes to shove, a lacrosse player is only as good as his/her stick skills and ability to quickly/easily change between their strong hand and weak hand. This class is a combination of uptempo passing and catching drills designed to incorporate multiple transitions during each rep.