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We are looking for 1 middle school athlete & 1 high school athlete to participate in one of the most advanced training programs ever offered to amateur athletes.  Our original Lacrosse Performance Lab program has produced some of the top players in CT and we are evolving that platform to include some exciting new technology and human performance analysis. We are excited to take our LPL model and leverage it by utilizing ground-breaking technology and jaw-dropping science! The breakthroughs in the science & technology of training athletes is driving what we know about human performance to new levels and we are excited to be along for the ride!!! 


This program is a "pilot program" designed to shape and inform the future of athletic training at Lacrosse Performance Lab and beyond.  This is an opportunity for your athlete to participate in a one-of-a-kind program built with a focus on developing athletes in a new way. The concept of combining athletic and cognitive training isn't new, but the way these two facets of human performance can be trained and developed together, at the same time, using technology and science, is both new and exciting! Train the Body, Harness the MIND!!!




  • Balance & Proprioception. Balance is the foundation of all movement!


  • Mobility- We will identify any weakness in athletic mobility and work to improve those deficiencies at each session.  Hip mobility and shoulder mobility are crucial to athletic performance and injury prevention.


  • Dynamic Control- We will Improve overall core strength and body control. 


  • Objective measurement and improvement of athletic explosiveness using Microgate technology and the Reactive Strength Index.


  • Physical Balance & Symmetry will be tested weekly to determine that the athlete is performing at optimal levels during the season. Recommendations regarding training volume and physical/mental load can be made using these important indicators.


  • Brain HQ Homework is REQUIRED for all participants. Brain HQ is the ONLY brain training platform proven to improve cognitive function and processing speed. Daily programming requires about 15 minutes a day 5 times a week.  CLICK HERE to see how BRAIN HQ helped Tom Brady!


  • We will play daily “Think & Move” agility and SOP (Speed of Processing) games created utilizing the Brain HQ system. These games provide an objective score which can be tracked week to week to insure that the athlete is improving.


  • Reaction Time drills utilizing the Microgate Wittygate timing system. 


  • Carefully designed In-Season Weightlifting program designed to keep athletes strong and agile.


  • Agility drills using Microgate Semaphores. The simple definition of agility is “movement in response to a stimulus”.  These drills will test the athletes reaction, mental processing and true agility and allow athletes to see their improvement as their times improve over the course of the program.

NOTE: All athletes will be required to visit Microgate USA/ Reinvent Health (Mahopac, NY) for a Comprehensive Sport Evaluation prior to Wednesday, March 2nd of 2022 (We will get you in this week or next week if you still want to join us!). This is the same evaluation that is given to professional and olympic athletes when they are evaluated for a human performance program at Microgate.  At the end of your visit (90-120 minutes), you will be handed an in-depth evaluation that will be submitted to me prior to the start of the program. This evaluation will provide me with very specific data on strengths and weaknesses and will allow me to design an athlete-specific program. The Comprehensive Sport Evaluation will be completed by Reinvent Health using state of the art technology from Microgate USA. Microgate is the industry leader in athletic timing, athlete-specific brain training and gait, stride and jump analysis using their OptoJump and OptoGait hardware & software. We will use the same technology in-house as we train your athletes over the next 12 weeks to provide objective data on athletic performance and speed of processing. ***NOTE: THE COMPREHENSIVE SPORT EVALUATION FEE IS INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM FEE (EVALUATION COST IS $350- WE WILL PAY IT DIRECTLY TO REINVENT HEALTH).


***The Comprehensive Sport Evaluation is a one-time requirement for all future programs and gives us an important baseline on both physical and cognitive tests.

Athletic Performance Lab Spring Pilot Program:


Includes 22 Training Sessions in Total, Comprehensive Sport Evaluation @ Microgate USA and access to Brain HQ Training!


Fee of $1395 includes 22 sessions (Eleven 60-minute sessions, Eleven 75-minute sessions), a Comprehensive Sport Evaluation @ Microgate USA, and a Brain HQ Mental Training License for the duration of the program.






Location: ALA, Winter Garden Arena, 111 Prospect Ridge, Ridgefield, CT. 06877


Open to Boys & Girls from Grade 6 to Grade 12.


Wednesday Evenings & Sunday Mornings:


First day of program is Wednesday, March 2nd.    Last day is Sunday, May 22nd.


Wednesdays: (11 60-Minute Sessions)

DATES: 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18

6:30-7:30pm (MS Athletes- Grades 6-8)

7:30-8:30pm (HS Athletes- Grades 9-12)


Sundays: (11 75-Minute Sessions)

DATES: 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22

9-10:15am (MS Athletes)

10:15am-11:30am (HS Athletes)


Includes a Comprehensive Sport Evaluation @ Microgate USA (required prior to starting program). NOTE: An email will be sent on February 1st to all participants with information on how to schedule their evaluation directly with Reinvent Health.


Includes a Brain HQ User License for use during program (online Brain Training Platform/normally $96/yr)) ***Please note that license may be revoked if athlete is not doing their brain training homework. I have access to all data and actual use under the license I provide.