Superstar Box Lacrosse

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Parents & Players,

Team Superstar is excited to announce that Coach Colsey & Coach Marti will be taking on the WORLD!!!!

The 2019 World Junior Indoor Lacrosse Championships that is!

Coach Colsey & Coach Marti were selected to coach the USA Indoor U20 National Team heading to the WJIL Championships this August in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is an exciting time for Team Superstar! As we continue to pave the way for elite box lacrosse teams & training in the US, the box lacrosse community is taking notice! Importantly, we could not have built this program without your help...we are extremely fortunate to have great players & great families supporting our every move. As Team Superstar continues to build an incredible reputation within the box lacrosse world, your dedication and commitment are at the forefront of that momentum and we appreciate all that you have done to help us along the way! We look forward to providing more excellent training opportunities for all of you as we join forces and forge a path for the next generation of US box lacrosse players! The future of US box lacrosse is bright!!!

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