Superstar Box Lacrosse

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Dear Parents,

Please take a minute or two to review some of the feedback we have received about our Superstar box lacrosse programs and instruction. Our strict focus on the game of box lacrosse makes us unique, but the way we are engaging our players and teaching the game makes us special...

Please consider taking the time to give one of our clinics, leagues or camps a will be an experience that can literally change your player's entire lacrosse career.

Superstar Box Program Feedback over the last 12 months:

Coach Colsey. 

I can’t thank you enough for allowing my daughter the opportunity to compete with Team Superstar this past box season. People talk about their kids playing “box” lacrosse but you have the only true box program in our area. Playing legit box is night and day from just putting 5 kids out on a field with full size goals and no boards. Her time spent training with you is paying dividends this winter and spring as her stick skills are as sharp as they’ve ever been, her creativity has gone through the roof and her overall lacrosse IQ and ability to move away from the ball had improved immensely. Thank you for offering this training and teams  to our kids!
Mr. and Mrs. L  (Fairfield County, CT)

Coach Colsey,

I want to take a minute to thank you for the fall and winter box and workout sessions that (my son) attended. He’s had a bad experience in (home town) lacrosse during his eighth grade and freshman seasons. The joy and fun he had playing was gone, which pissed me off! He was to the point where he didn’t want to play a game that he had loved playing from 3rd to 7th grades.  
I have noticed a huge difference in (my son's) atttitude towards lacrosse since playing with you in the fall! THANK YOU for bringing the joy of the game back to my son! I appreciate it.
Good luck this season! I’ll be rooting for the Ridgefield Tigers and Roy Colsey.
Thanks again,
Mr. K (Fairfield County, CT)

Hi Roy,

Thank you for having my two boys play for Superstar this winter.  (My oldest son) loved bonding with his teammates and really enjoyed building friendships, and he can’t wait for next season.  
 You’ve been a great coach and (older sons) Box IQ is ahead of anyone else I’ve seen down here on Long Island at Box clinics. I saw him dive through the air while shooting behind his back in a Box game last Saturday! That was all due to the confidence from the competition Superstar played this past winter (and some from watching the Colsey boys!)
(Younger son) just started this year as a 3rd grader, and I’ve seen his confidence improve dramatically due to the Box.  He’s now the most aggressive kid on his (LI CLUB) team and has no fear of riding or dodging.
Mr. J (Long Island)

Hey Roy,
My son (and me too!) loved this past Winter Box Lacrosse Season. Having played field lacrosse my entire life, I'll admit I was skeptical and naive about the Box game -- No long poles!, Only using one hand! Moving picks! 

But, boy was I wrong. 

Box, and most importantly, you and your fellow coach's passion was contagious and it showed on and off the field with the boys and the girls on the team.
Box is a key element to the overall game of lacrosse -- from the many touches to the quick cuts -- and has significantly improved (my sons) skills and confidence.
Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Mr. H (Westchester County, NY)

Hi Roy,

(My son) loved playing box for Superstar this winter.  I’m a little worried he’s going to find field lax boring this spring.  Terrific program.  Loved being able to pick and choose tournaments.  He wants to do more next year.  He loves practice.  Great that it is so close and convenient. 

Mr. G (Fairfield County, CT)

Hey Roy,

Thanks for a great season. Really appreciate you and your staff working with (my son). I didn’t get to many practices but the ones I saw looked high energy and high reps. Also thought the 2025 coaches did a great job with the player rotations during games.....not always easy.
He’s an attackman in the field game so the box game is helping him with defensive game and helping him become more aggressive attacking the cage.  Not to mention, getting him used to making quick decisions and protecting his stick.....not much time to think out there.
In any case, just wanted to provide a little bit of feedback and let you know where I think the box game has helped him.
Most importantly though, he loves coming to practice and playing in the tournaments. Making friends with kids from other programs and receiving top not coaching at the same time.
Thanks again.....great experience all around.
Mr. B (Westchester County, CT)

Roy - 

Thanks for another great box season. (Our son) loves the game and has certainly grown as a player. I think we do see the skills from box translate to his field game. (He) is focused on improving his game, loves to play, and soaks up/ hangs on every word you, CJ and the coaching staff have to offer.
Much appreciated - we look forward to many more years of box!
- Mr. & Mrs. K   (Westchester County, NY)



(My son) had an amazing experience this winter and continues to look forward to the weekly practices.  In fact, even though he recently pulled his back (minor overuse injury from shooting), he absolutely insists upon coming to box each week.


I know  from some of (my sons) friends who are on the Predators team that you also coach them on Sundays, and they are resoundingly positive in their praise of you and what you are doing.  


While the tournament performance (wins and losses) was nothing to write home about, (he) had fun at each tournament and clearly learned something.  We have had recent conversations about how lacrosse practice had become work.  You are spot on in your assessment that what you are doing is reinvigorating to a lot of players who can feel the grind if they are really serious about the game.  (He) LOVES coming to box practice and I can say he ALWAYS leaves excited and happy.  That is a reflection on you and your team and what you are doing for these young men.


My only frustration is that you are not closer to where we live!  That said, we will do everything in our power to continue to have (him) come and work with you.  


While I have not yet seen the true fruits of what you have done for (my son) in really just a few short weeks, I can already see him being more confident on the field, taking more risk, accepting more responsibility for creating opportunities.  His high school varsity team plays weekly scrimmages on Sundays against other local high school teams.  While he missed the first half of the season, since he has started playing with them – only 3 or 4 games – he has always either scored or had an assist in every game.  And he does not get that much playing time as a Sophomore.  I hope the coach sees a difference from last year.


The box game – the smaller number of players, the fast pace, the physical contact – all these things are making (him) a more confident and engaged player on the field.  I’ve seen him taking increasing risk – in a good way – putting himself in a position on the field to make an impact and more willing to make physical sacrifices.


(My sons) biggest boogeyman is confidence.  He is a perfectionist and has historically been afraid of what people will think when he makes a mistake.  Some of this is being solved by experience and maturity.  But I think what you have done with him has really made a huge difference.  The biggest thing is the way you believe in him – and in all your players.


You are a fantastic coach and you should feel very proud of what you are doing.  I look forward to the next two years of box!


Thanks so much, you are making a huge difference.


Mr. T (Westchester County, CT)



     (My son) loves Box more than field due to the amount of contact and touches.   His only request  is more contests offense vs defense (figures).
     I’ve seen an enormous increase in (my sons) foot speed this winter at Express.  Routinely strips middies and Attack on both Express squads and the explosion which is cultivated in Box is more pronounced in field.
  We’ve told many parents and players about the benefits of Box.  
Mr. F (Fairfield County, CT)

Coach Roy, 

     As much as (my son) loves sports and lax in particular, he loved working with you. From the first practice, he said "Coach Colsey is the best coach I ever had" and he's had many, from in town, to Prime Time, and to private w/prof MLL players. He definitely thinks box helped him be more aggressive, and looks forward to using it during the season, whether he play offense or defense. Thanks again.
Mr. W (Westchester County, CT)

Hey Roy,

I’ve been meaning to let you know how much (my son) enjoyed playing with the team this winter. It was a great experience for both him and myself. Again, I want to thank you for giving (my son) the opportunity, he had a great time, and is looking forward to next season, and Cali.

Mr. N (Westchester County, NY)


(My 3 sons) love Box Lacrosse.  They like it more than field and contemplated just doing Box year round.   My  (younger son) loves the sport and his teammates, and knows it helps him improve as an overall player.  The boys all really respect you, especially the (older sons).  They relate to your style and personality.  They know you will help them improve.  Same for (younger son).  
Mr. R (Fairfield County, CT)

Hi Roy,
(My son) has really enjoyed playing box and training with you.  Obviously he wishes he could have played more (tournaments). He always has such a great time at the practices.  Your positive energy make the practices fun and worthwhile.  If his schedule permits, we plan on having him play again next year.
Mrs. G (Hartford County, CT)


I just wanted to thank you for taking (my son) on the 2025 team.  You and your staff do such an amazing job with the boys and he is having so much fun.  It's been awesome. Very much appreciate it.

Mrs. G (Westchester County, CT)